House & Garden Van De Zwaan Roots Excelurator

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Roots Accelerator ensures an extreme explosion of root formation. It protects the roots against root diseases. Therefore the roots will massively grow through the starting block within 3-4 days.

APPLICATION: soil/hydro/coco

Roots Excelurator
Roots Excelurator is the best and most powerful root stimulator available on the market today and is our top show-piece in the area of nutrients. This powerful root stimulator ensures the explosive growth of the roots, ridding the plant of brown sick roots and destroying root mould instantly.
Roots Excelurator encourages rapid root development in the early stages of the plant’s growth and also acts as an effective guard against root disease in re-circulating hydroponic systems.

Roots Excelurator is a must have for every successful grower. Roots Excelurator has a very low dilution rate and ml for ml is the cheapest product of this type on the market.

Dilution Rates
Dilution Rate of Roots Excelurator is 3ml per 10ltrs of nutrient solution.
500ml of Roots Excelurator will treat over 1500ltrs of nutrient solution.

Product Information
House & Garden Roots Excelurator creates a film around the roots, which functions as a kind of membrane. It keeps harmful diseases and germs out of the root zone, but allows the absorption of nutrient. Roots Accelerator also isolates the micro organisms which create root disease and stops their reproduction.

Use Roots Excelurator in the first five weeks of growth. Prepare your nutrient container by first adding your base nutrient (e.g Soil, Coco, Aqua Flakes) to the water container. Adjust your EC of the nutrient and then add your Roots Excelurator. Adjust the pH value to harmonise with the nutrient solution. Use House & Garden pH+ (up) or pH- (down) as this has been developed specifically for use with House & Garden nutrients and will give you a longer and more stable reading.

Your nutrient solution is ready for its first watering.

Sizes Available
250ml, 500ml
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