Guanokalong Powder

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Guanokalong Powder

Mix Guanokalong Powder with compost or top dress. It is one of the best organic nutrient powders available, and a natural bat dung soil
enhancer, which promotes taste, quality and yield.

Dry powdered bat guano of the highest quality.

Make an organic tea and pour liquid guano over the medium, which is absorbed quicker by roots but also depletes faster. Alternately sprinkle
a spoon full over the top of soil/coco for a slow feed, this method will fertilise for approximately 6/8 weeks. Each time the plant is watered
guano powder mixes down into the roots, making nutrients available.

– Acceleration of root structuring.
– Exuberant flower period.
– Increased resistance of plant against bacteria.
– Indoor and outdoor use.


Mix 1 kg with 100 – 200 liters of soil in 1st week or mix 1 cup of 50gr. for each plant in a 7-liter-pot.
Outdoor : 1 plant = 100 gr. every 2 months starting in April.
Powder = quick controlled release.

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