Plagron Bat Guano

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A flowering stimulator for the organic grower! Organic Bat Guano has a high phosphorus content: sprinkle on soil during the flowering stage for
increased yield and quality.

No need for mineral-based flowering stimulators.

Plagron Bat Guano is a nutritious and finely balanced fertilizer that promotes healthy growth. Simply place on the top of the pot where the soil has been exhausted and then water as usual.  Alternatively, and if you wish to
use with a Hydroponic system, make a “tea” and then use the resulting brew in place of your regular nutrient.

Bat Guano is an organic fertilizer, derived from the harvested droppings of cave-dwelling bats. Its content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, provides a combination of essential nutrients for facilitating plant growth. Guano is particularly high in phosphorus,
which makes it ideal for use during the flowering stage of a plant's life cycle. Guano also provides an array of minerals and friendly bacteria and organic matter, giving it properties that help to combat harmful fungi in the soil and protect root systems. Bat guano is broken
down gradually, providing a slow-release of essential nutrients over an extended period of time.

Plagron Bat Guano is an ideal companion to the organic grower.


- Organic NPK-Fertiliser (3-15-4)
- 3% Total Nitrogen (N) of which 3% organic nitrogen
- 15% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide
- 4% water-soluble potassium oxide

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