Plagron RoyalMix 50 litres

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The blend of blends! A heavily-fertilised, yet light and well-aerated soil mix. Royalmix contains enough nutrition for the entire growth cycle. Transplant into Royalmix after 2-3 weeks and only add water for the first 5-6 weeks when feeding (because of the amount of nutrient already in the soil.)

A blend of the finest peats, organic fertilisers, worm castings and perlite. Not suitable for seeds or cuttings.

Balanced range of top quality peat and organic nutrients Complete fertilization for at least six weeks Nutrition is released when the plant needs it (time-released) Has an airy structure because of the best quality fibers



Rinse with water before use in order to wash out the immediately absorbable nutrients. Extra nutrition is needed after approximately 6 weeks, depending on the condition of the plant.


White peat moss, black peat moss, peat moss fibre, perlite, worm castings.


Royalmix is available in a 50 litre bag

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