RAM AIR-PRO Fan Speed Controller

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The RAM AIR-PRO is an intelligent and silent indoor climate controller designed to control extraction and intake fans thermostatically, monitoring and keeping your desired room temperature and air pressure.

All you have to do is plug in your fans, set the required air temperature and fan speed/balance and the AIR-PRO will do the rest, maintaining a continuous temperature in your room and giving you full control over negative pressure.

The AIR-PRO features a remote thermostat sensor and temperature setting, as well as twin fan speed control.


Learns your optimum fan speed for the temperature/pressure that you desire.

The AIR-PRO’s unique software will automatically calculate the running speed for your fans and learn from this to modulate them (ramp down) to a single running speed that maintains the required temperature that you have set. A remote probe is fitted, accurate to within +/- 1 degree, that can be placed in the key temperature sensitive area.

Limits fan noise

The AIR-PRO limits fan noise that commonly occurs due to excessive air flow.

Extends fan life and saves electricity

The AIR-PRO will hunt for a stable fan speed that maintains the desired temperature. This means that your fans will be running at below their maximum operating speed, which means that they will be operating at maximum efficiency in reference to power vs. performance, extending fan motor life, whilst only using the minimum of electricity required.

Controls the majority of fan sizes.

For best results, use the AIR-PRO with RAM inline fans, however, it can be used with other brands.

Do not exceed the maximum load.

Technical specification Controls two inline/exhaust fans - range of fans suitable: RAM 100mm to 315mm or equivalent.
Maximum load per power outlet – 320 watts (1.4 amps).


1 x 2m Remote Thermostat Sensor
Variable Temperature Control
Variable Fan Speed Control
Digital display
1 x 2m power lead

Single unit
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