Flexible Silencers

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Robust and ideal for small growrooms

Our great German made silencers assist in reducing the noise levels when using any fan. All silencers are 1 metre in length and are flexible so they can be bent around 90 degrees, allowing fitting into the corners of growrooms or tents.

Flexible 1 Metre Silencer

Our great silencers assist in reducing the noise levels when using any fan.

Sometimes silence is important and if it is - you want to be sure you
are using the best silencers there are. Our silencers have been tested
and meet our approval for use with our fans. To use one of our silencers
simply choose the model that matches the size of fan and attach on the
output side of your extractor using one of our fast clamps. All our
silencers are matched for each size of fan and require no reducers to
make the necessary connections.

Light-weight flexible attenuator, the low cost efficient noise silencing
alternative to heavy metal silencers. Full 1m length.

Perfect if you have large or noisy fans and need to reduce the noise in
your grow area.

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