Can-Lite Filters

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Can-Lite Filters

Established for over 25 years, Can- Filters are a market leader in the field of air filtration.

The Can-Lite Filters are a range of lightweight carbon filters filled with granulated carbon made from charcoal that is thermally activated (the only real option for air filtration) and are reliable for up to 18 months (with max tolerance - 75% RH & 80°C).

The smaller options are plastic filters sold without the flange allowing the customer to choose between 100mm and 125mm depending on the size of fan he intends to use.

Thermal activation

In thermal activation, the base product is brought to temperatures higher than 900ēC. To avoid burning the material (the flash point of coal is around 570ēC) dry steam is added. This results in a very porous product, with pore sizes ranging from small mesopores to very small micropores - perfect for air filtration.

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