Lumatek Dimmable Electronic Ballast

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Lumatek electronic ballast benefits:

  • Dimmable stable light output excellent for pharmaceutical agriculture, laboratories and other uses where precise regularised output is essential
  • Fast start-up it reaches full brightness in under one minute whereas magnetic ballasts take longer
  • Completely silent
  • Small compact design 600 watt 230 volt ballast weighs less than 3.75 kilos compared to heavier magnetic ballasts
  • Produces less heat
  • Cut-off circuitry cut-off when a short is detected. For ultimate safety
  • Longer bulb life lumen output loss over time, with the correct lamp, is dramatically less than with magnetic ballasts
  • Fully interchangeable Lumatek ballasts can light both HPS and MH bulbs (the super lumen switch cannot be engaged on metal halide bulbs)

  • Specification

    Wattage: 400w, 600w
    Core: N/A
    Technology: Electronic
    Ignition: N/A
    Case: Metal Alloy
    Power Lead: 2m
    Voltage: 240v
    PF: 0.95
    Running Amps: 400w - 1.8 amps, 600w - max. 2.7 amps
    Single unit
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