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Necessary to calibrate pH meters

Use ESSENTIALS Buffer 7 solution to calibrate pH meters.

ALL calibration solutions should be at room temperature for successful and accurate calibration.

Essentials - pH Buffer 7 Calibration Fluid

Keeping your pH meter calibrated is essential for taking accurate
readings and keeping your nutrient solution within the correct pH range.
Essentials pH buffer 7 provides a solution for you to accurately
calibrate your pH meter.

- A stable pH calibration fluid
- Use regularly to keep you pH meter calibrated
- Helps to ensure accurate readings
- Can be used with any brand of pH meter

How Essentials - pH Buffer 7 Calibration Fluid works:

pH meters need to be calibrated regularly to maintain accurate readings
of the acidity of your nutrient solution. Essentials pH Buffer 7 is a
solution with a stable pH of 7 for calibrating your meter. Essentials pH
Buffer 4 Calibration Fluid can also be used to ensure your meter is
giving you accurate read-outs across a wide range of pH’s.

Using Essentials - pH Buffer 7 Calibration Fluid:

Always shake the bottle well before use. Pour a little pH Buffer 7
Calibration Fluid into a small container and follow the calibration
procedure outlined in the manual for your meter. After calibration,
rinse the probe with clean water and shake off excess water before use
or storage. Discard the solution after calibration and do not pour it
back into to the bottle after the use.

Available in 250ml or 1 litre bottles

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