CANNA AkTRIvator Granule Soil Mix

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Friendly fungi to protect your plants.

CANNA AkTRivator is a natural and organic product that protects your plants against soil diseases. AkTRivator stimulates the growth of roots and root hairs as well. It's suitable for young and older plants. AkTRIvator can be used with all growing systems.

It consists of clay and beneficial fungi, called Trichoderma. There are two varieties: AkTRIvator Powder and AkTRIvator Granules.

Advantages of CANNA AkTRIvator:

Trichoderma harzianum (Tri002/3) is the only variety that has a scientifically-proven stimulating and resistance-increasing effect on the root environment, and the chitinase production of the plant resulting in a better root development, more root hairs and increased excretion of enzymes and hormones. As a result, the plant gains more vitality and develops quicker.

AkTRIvator powder is suitable for all types of substrate culture as well as for growing in soil and re-circulating irrigation systems. AkTRIvator granules must be mixed with soil and provide strong and balanced growth of the beneficial mould. As a result of this, the development of other negative moulds and micro-organisms in soil is greatly reduced a true beneficial bacteria. Ideal for soil and coco mixes.

250g pot

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