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Located In Newark, we are in the heart of the UK.

Where ever you are in the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you're never too far from Basement Lighting Hydroponics. If you want to visit us here you can find directions from the UK's major towns and cities.

Exit from Belfast [4.0km]
4 Km Take the ferry [302.7km]
Enter into Liverpool
Exit and take the A5046 [12m]
Carry on the St Nicholas Place (A5046) [210m]
Carry on the Chapel Street (A5046) [240m]
Carry on the Tithebarn Street (A5046) [430m]
5 Km Turn left on the Vauxhall Road (A5038) (go through the Vauxhall Road) [1.7km]
6 Km Carry on the Commercial Road (A5038) [440m]
7 Km Turn left on the Sandhills Lane (A5055) [460m]
Turn right on the Derby Road (A565) [1.1km]
8 Km Exit from Liverpool and carry on the A565 [26.6km]
16 Km via Thornton
22 Km Little Altcar Bridge
23 Km via Formby
35 Km Turn right on the A570 [12.3km]
38 Km via Southport
47 Km In Ormskirk turn left on the A59 [3.7km]
51 Km In Burscough turn right on the A5209 [13.5km]
in the direction of

55 Km via Newburgh
57 Km via Parbold
60 Km via Appley Bridge
65 Km In Standish turn right on the A49 [6.0km]
71 Km In Wigan turn left on the A577 [3.6km]
74 Km In Hindley turn left on the A58 [8.3km]
in the direction of

77 Km via Bolton
83 Km Carry on the A676 [3.1km]
86 Km Turn left on the A579 [2.4km]
88 Km Carry on the A58 [7.4km]
96 Km In Bury carry on the A56 [8.8km]
in the direction of

99 Km Blackford Bridge
Enter into Salford
105 Km Carry on the Bury New Road (A56) [1.9km]
107 Km Turn left on the Great Cheetham Street East [430m]
Turn right on the St James's Road (A6010) [61m]
Exit from Salford and carry on the A6010 [9.1km]
116 Km In Manchester turn left on the A34 [23.7km]
in the direction of

122 Km via Stockport
130 Km via Wilmslow
140 Km Turn left on the A537 [7.8km]
144 Km via Macclesfield
148 Km Go through the The Silk Road and turn right on the A523 [290m]
Turn left on the A537 [13.7km]
162 Km Carry on the A54 [2.7km]
165 Km Turn left on the A53 [3.1km]
168 Km In Buxton turn right on the A6 [44.0km]
185 Km via Bakewell
193 Km via Northwood
195 Km via Two Dales
196 Km via Matlock
201 Km via Matlock Bath
203 Km via Cromford
212 Km In Ambergate turn left on the A610 [25.3km]
in the direction of

219 Km via Ripley
237 Km In Bilborough turn left on the A6514 [3.9km]
241 Km In Nottingham carry on the A60 [3.4km]
241 Km via Gedling
245 Km Go through the Mansfield Road and turn right on the A614 [5.1km]
250 Km Go through the Old Rufford Road and turn right on the Old Rufford Road [26m]
Carry on the A614 [7.1km]
passing near to Mansfield
257 Km Go through the Old Rufford Road and turn right on the A617 [19.3km]
262 Km via Kirklington
277 Km Go through the Great North Road and turn right on the B6326 (Great North Road) [210m]
Enter into Newark-on-trent
Carry on the Great North Road (B6326) [410m]
Carry on [99m]
278 Km Carry on the Bar Gate (B6166) [140m]
Carry on the North Gate (B6166) [95m]
Turn right on the Queen's Road [310m]
Turn left on the Appleton Gate [220m]
Turn left on the George Street [100m]



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