Other Additives

Size: 1 litre, 100ml, 300ml, 5 litre
Seedling nutrient Formulex is a general-purpose product that has a thousand uses for the hobby grower. Professionals rely on Formulex for feeding seedlings, transplants and clones.

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CANNA Spanner
Canna SpannerThe Canna Spanner is a handy little tool for growers using 5 and 10 litre Canna nutrient bottles. Great for helping to release stuck bottle caps or for breaking the seal on a brand new bottle.

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ESSENTIALS Wetter 250ml
New beneficial bacteria based wetter for foliar feed and rehydrating dry soils A concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria and biodegradable wetting agents for aiding foliar feeding and soil re–wetting. Now with the added benefit of a bacterial shield against disease and to aid in nutrient absorption.

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Size: 1 litre, 250ml, 5 litre
Flush excess nutrients from the crop Gets rid of excess nutrients in plants and substrates. CANNA FLUSH is an additive to clean substrate and plants of any excess nutrients.

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VitaLink Finale
Size: 1 Litre, 250ml
The Vitalink Finale additive is a finishing product for the last week or two before harvesting. It helps to ripen the plant and bring any under developed crops to the same quality as the rest of the flowers or fruits at the same time.

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Guanokalong Powder
Size: 1kg, 3kg, 500g, 5kg
Guanokalong PowderMix Guanokalong Powder with compost or top dress. It is one of the best organic nutrient powders available, and a natural bat dung soil enhancer, which promotes taste, quality and yield.

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VitaLink Fulvic
Size: 1 litre, 250ml
Nutrient transporter for faster results A pure fulvic acid product, VitaLink Fulvic improves the way plants transport/absorb nutrients. Through better nutrient availability, the flowering, rooting and growth of plants is boosted at every stage of the plant’s life cycle.

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GHE Ripen
Size: 1 litre, 5 litre
Forcing Solution GHE Ripen is a comprehensive plant additive used during the late flowering stage of the plant. Also known as ‘forcing solution’, it is specifically designed to speed up and enhance the ripening process, thus increasing the level of active compounds in medicinal, aromatic and culinary plants.

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Size: 1 litre, 100ml, 300ml
Nitrozyme® Foliar Feed. Nitrozyme is a highly concentrated extract from sea plants and contains a vast array of natural growth enhancers.

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Size: 120ml, 3.8 litre, 30ml, 480ml, 60ml, 960ml
All–round plant tonic The world renowned SUPERthrive is a great plant tonic and general growth promoter. Plants require more than one vitamin for optimum performance.

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CANNA Mono Nutrients
Mineral: Ca 15% (Calcium), Fe Plus (Iron Chelate), K 20% (Potassium), MgO 7% (Magnesium Sulphate), N 20% (Nitrogen), P 20% (Phosphor), Trace Mix
 CANNA Mono nutrients. Mono nutrients are essential for the development of the plant.

more infoFROM £9.95

Size: 1 litre, 5 litre
Natural grow nutrient BIOCANNA Bio Vega has been developed to meet the plant's needs during the growing phase and its organically compounded nitrogen (betaine nitrogen) is easily released in response to the plant's needs. Complete absorption of the correct nutrients is therefore guaranteed from the start of cultivation.

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Size: 1 litre, 5 litre
Natural flowering nutrient BIOCANNA Bio Flores ensures that a balanced range of nutritional elements are available, adjusted to the soil's nutrient retention properties. Bio Flores stimulates the formation of fruits in this way and it also contains all the nutrients that the plant needs during its flowering phase.

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Size: 1 Litre, 236ml, 4 Litre, 500ml
HygrozymeHygrozyme is a complex formula packed full of enzymes that eat away at the dead organic root matter building up on your growing media. It works with all types of substrate including coco, mineral wool and soil.

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Grandma Enggys H-2
One Of The Bud-Getting Bonuses You Cant Buy! Included In Every Bottle At No Additional Cost!

more info£17.95

Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra
Feed Your Crops the Extra Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron They Need If You Use a Non-Advanced Base Nutrient Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra. Plants just like all forms of life, including human beings require a complete range of essential elements in order to thrive.

more info£19.95

Flawless Finish
Experience Better Taste, Aroma, and Potency When You Flush with Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish before Harvest! Your high-value crops take in excess fertilizer soils and impurities from their environment that can affect the quality of your final harvest.

more info£21.95

Advanced Nutrients Nirvana is Your Best Choice for an All-Natural Flower Booster Your flowers get larger in size and higher in quality when you feed them Nirvana. Not only that, Nirvana helps plants like yours because during bloom phase they have a high carbohydrate turnover and need the potassium Nirvana provides for extra energy production.

more info£23.95

Ancient Earth
Size: 1 Litre, 4 Litre
Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth is actually a combination of two other single products, Grandma Enggy's F-1 and H-1, which combines the teamwork of humic and fulvic acids to bring you a bumper harvest.

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Green House Powder Feed - Grow (1kg)
Specifically engineered for the vegetative growth stage of all plants, it allows perfectly balanced nutrition for mature plants, young plants and rooted cuttings.

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Green House Powder Feed - Short Flowering
Specifically engineered for the growth and flowering of plants that flower early in their growth cycle.

more info£29.95

Green House Powder Feed - Long Flowering
Specifically engineered for the growth and flowering of plants that flower late in their growth cycle.

more info£29.95

Green House Powder Feed - Hybrids
Specifically engineered for the growth and flowering of all hybrid plants - the hybrids nutrient can be used throughout the growth cycle.

more info£29.95

Advanced Nutrients B-52 Fertilizer Booster
Size: 1 Litre, 4 Litre
Advanced Nutrients B-52 B Vitamin Supplement This ever-popular formula contains Vitamin B1, humic acid, kelp and other ingredients so plants grow well and produce more even in the demanding conditions of your high-intensity garden. B-52 can promote the growth of roots, therefore allowing for an increased uptake of both the primary nutrients and micronutrients that your plants need.

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Microbial Munch
Attention Growers: Maximize Your Microbes with Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch! Growers love beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi because it's like bringing the best of mother nature's symbiotic species into your growing.

more info£31.95

Rhino Skin
Size: 1 Litre, 4 Litre
Give your plants Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin to increase the rigidity of the cell walls making your plants stalks more rigid. Plants take silicon into their cells making tougher cell walls.

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Bud Candy
Size: 1 Litre, 4 Litre
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy provides your plants with an essential secondary plant nutrient which serves to activate many plant enzymes required in the growth process. Start By Providing Flower-boosting Energy When Your Plants Most Need It  Getting sweeter, bigger harvests comes when you give your plants carbohydrates that jolt them with an energy boost.

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HAILEA HC-150A Reservoir Chiller
Keep your solution cool Chillers enable you to have a variable control over your water temperature. They are ideal for aquariums and large hydroponic systems.

more info£279.95

HAILEA HC-300A Reservoir Chiller
Keep your solution cool Chillers enable you to have a variable control over your water temperature. They are ideal for aquariums and large hydroponic systems.

more info£349.95

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