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 Ozone Generator 99.95
UK Hydroponics and grow lights for indoor plant cultivation.
UK hydroponics and grow lights Welcome to our 2015 online shop! - What is Hydroponics?

Basically, a way of growing plants without soil, relying on water-based systems usually containing nutrients. These systems use artificial lighting which copies sunlight as most hydroponic systems are found inside. Of course, these grow lights can be used with plants growing in soil, as many gardeners prefer.

Basement Lighting stock a full range of horticultural grow lights, hydroponic equipment, NFT, ebb and flood, and aeroponics. We also supply a range of accessories, environmental control, growing mediums, and nutrients for soil based or hydroponic plant growing.

We stock a massive range of products from leading manufacturers!
New Range
Special Offer!
Dutch Master Liquid Light
Can Filters Carbon Filters
Bubble pots systems
Liquid Light - Revolutionary foliar growth product. Also in stock the full Dutch Master range - £29.95 Can Filters - The UK best prices on branded carbon filters, get rid of any nasty smells - From £34.99 Bubble Pot Systems - Superb plant growth at a great price. In a variety of sizes - From £164.99
Grow lights
Grow Lights - Complete units with lamp [bulb], reflector and ballast.
If you are going to grow plants inside you will need a light that mimics sun light. Grow lights comprise of a ballast, lamp and reflector. From 54.95
Complete Hydropices
Complete Systems - Includes grow light and everything you need to cultivate plants.
Everything you need to start growing plants inside. A wide selection of different hydroponic systems in a variety of sizes. From 146.99
Fan Filter Combos
Fan / Filter Combos - great prices on complete units that extract air and destroy odours.
Superb quality at low, low prices. Our combos now come with a range of carbon filters and make and design of fans. From £69.95
Nutrients & Additives - Full range of soil and hydroponic based nutrients.
The easiest way to provide your plants with the right conditions for explosive growth, whether growing in soil, coco coir or hydroponically.
Hydroponic Systems
Hydroponic Systems - From NFT to aeroponics.
For 2013 we've got a massive range of systems in stock. Ideal if you want to grow one or hundreds of plants, we've got the right set up for you.
Lamps [Bulbs] - Replacement lamps for your ballasts.
Replacement bulbs for your grow lights. In blue, red, orange and dual spectrums. Lamps from £13.95
Propagation Lighting
Propagation Lighting - Ideal for cuttings (clones) and early seedling growth.
For use in seedling growth, vegetative stages, cuttings (clones) and with seedlings. Cool running blue spectrum products.
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What is Hydroponics?

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